Log Splitting the Old Fashioned Way

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Okay, I’m Charles McMahon on behalf of Expert Village. I am going to show you how you split up the same kind of wood the old fashioned way. The first thing we do is we will take a wedge and we have a 2 pound hammer here and fortunately this log already has lots of cracks in it, so this should be pretty easy. I’m going to hammer on this thing and drive this wedge into the log and split it this way. Okay, now you can see I’ve got the wedge all the way down in the log and it’s stuck and this often happens that the log hasn’t split apart when I’ve knocked this wedge in there. I am going to keep knocking it in to see if I can split it all the way. So you can see that is a heck of a lot of work. It took me several minutes to do this; a certain amount of exertion. If I had to do that for all of these logs, I would be pretty tired.