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Different types of flowers that are great for flower arrangements are roses, sunflowers, tulips, orchids and daisies, all of which sit well in a vase. Mix a variety of flowers to create an eclectic arrangement with helpful advice from the owner of a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Karen Rodowicz, owner of JK Flowers, and I'm here to tell you about different types of flowers. To start off, we have your traditional flower, which is a rose, which everybody knows about. They're long and straight stemmed, easy to arrange. You have your sunflowers, which are nice for fall arrangements or summer...springy, summer arrangements. They grow very tall and they tend to fold over their bloom. If you're growing them in your yard, it's a great thing for your birds. And then, of course, I have some tulips here, which are known for also your spring arrangements. And a good thing to know about your tulips of when you're arranging them is that they like to fold over. So when you're putting them in your vase, make sure you keep something that's a little bit shorter because as they fold over and they open, they're just going to wilt and open into a bloom. And so these are some of your springy and different types of flowers. Here, I have an orchid, which also can be used in lots of different plants and arrangements. And those are some of your different types of flowers. Once again, thanks for watching, and I'm Karen with JK Flowers.