How to Clean the Refrigerator

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Hello! My name is Atiya, and on behalf of Expert Village I'm going to demonstrate how to clean a refrigerator. Starting from the outside, remove your magnets and things so you can wash it, and apply antibaterical agent. On the inside, before you put any cleaning product in there, take all the food so you won't contaminate it and start from the top down. Next, remove your shelves so you can clean behind them. The last part of cleaning your refrigerator is to wipe it down with water so that you can take out all the chemicals out of your refrigerator. The freezer is the same as the refrigerator, except for you might want to defrost it. You'll defrost it and then you'll clean it. Also, remove the food the same as you do with the refrigerator. This is Atiya and thank you for watching Expert Village.