Transplanting Chimera Violets

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Chimera violets are transplanted differently than normal African violets. Learn the process of transplanting a chimera violet in this free gardening video about caring for African violets. View Video Transcript

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This is a chimera African Violet. We transplant this a little bit differently than this African Violet. The reason why we do that is because this African Violet has one type of cell so when you transplant that let's say by either root or by a leaf cutting you will get an exact replica of the parent plant but not so with chimeras. These have two cells. In order to get an exact replica of the parent plant we have to divide it a little bit differently and this is how we do it. We de-bud and de-flower your African Violet by taking off all spent old or spotted leaves. We then take a sharp knife, preferably one that has been cleaned and we take the crown off of the African Violet and we set that aside. We then take this nice African stump and we put it in a plastic sack. We then close and seal the plastic sack and put it in a window. A northern or eastern exposure is best. The crown cutting gets put into a separate pot. These two plants will be the exact replica of your parent plant. You have not changed any of the tissues. You have merely moved them from one pot to another so you can have an exact plant of your chimera.