Bathroom Cleaning: Carpet Cleaner

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Some bathrooms require carpet cleaner to do a weekly spot removal for easier maintenance. Use carpet cleaner in a bathroom with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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If you have carpet in your bathroom, which some people do it is pretty rare but some people do. My parents did and so you always need a carpet remover which I'm going to do the floors and I am going to go over floors today. You want to have something that will just, every week if you just look at your carpets, if you have carpets and just do a little spot removal then it never builds up and you are to the point that you have got to have professional cleaners come in. A little spot removal, this is my favorite. It really makes it easier in keeping your carpets looking newer for longer. Now also I have just a little Mr. Magic sponge that is great on walls when you've got the kids running around and they put their messy fingerprints on your painted walls then you know you always find little hand prints around the bottoms if you have little kids or you might even find crayon marks or whatever. I find that these little sponges really help get these marks off but test it in an area in case it doesn't work well on your paint. You don't want to ruin your walls because it does have a cleaning agent in there.