Mechanisms of a Wood Splitter

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This is Charles McMahon on behalf of Expert Village. We are going to talk a bit more about the mechanisms on this wood splitter. If we look down here, we can see this electric motor that drives the thing is inside this cage. When you put it away when you are all finished using it, you want to make sure you don’t have any wood chips or dirt in here; you can blow it out with some kind of blower. This motor drives a hydraulic saw dirt that is contained inside here; inside this very strong steel cage here and when it operates, this piece here comes out and we will see that in a minute. Let me put it back down on its feet again and we will see how this goes. So remember you do this with your legs so you don’t hurt your back. So what happens when this is moving, you will see this piece come out as this piece comes forward and that is what splits the logs.