Planting Tigridia Bulbs

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YOLANDA VANVEEN: Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series, we're learning all about fall-blooming flower bulbs. In this segment, we'll talk about Tigridia. Now, Tigridia bloom usually late summer to early fall, for me, in the Northwest. In other climates, they'll bloom a little bit earlier more in the spring to early summer. In the Northwest, they bloom in the fall, so I'm going to include 'em in my fall-blooming flower bulbs. Okay. Now, Tigridia are native to Mexico. So they like hot, full sun and they really look just like a Hershey's Kiss candy, so it's easy to tell which way is up. So I just plant 'em about 2 or 3 inches deep in full, hot sun with the tip side up, in groups of three or more 'cause they're really social and they like to be in groups. But they bloom like a daylily so I get more than one bloom on 'em. I'll plant one bulb and they make big spectacular blooms that are just gorgeous. But once you get one bloom, that's not it; they'll keep blooming. Sometimes I get three or four blooms off of one bulb. And out of all my plants in my front yard, this is the one that people go, "Ooh, la-la" about. It is just spectacular. In the next segment, we'll talk about another interesting bulb called Arum Italicum.