How to Replace Bags for Vacuum Cleaner

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Replacing the filter bags inside a vacuum cleaner is important to maintain the best sucking power of the appliance, and they usually require replacement every month or two. Get information of vacuum bag replacement with helpful tips from a vacuum... View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Steve Chubin and Steve's Sewing and Vacuum Center at King of Prussia, PA and today we are here to discuss how to buy a vacuum cleaner. Talking about the vacuum bags again, again this will be a paper bag versus what would be in here would be a cloth bag. Talking about how often you have to replace the bag. The vacuum bags generally last about a month to 2 months in a house. Obviously every house is going to be a little bit different. Depending on how much carpet you have, how many carpet fibers you have and how often you vacuum. Average vacuuming is based on 1 hour per week per vacuum in a home that would have a couple of kids. If you have pets and everything, you may vacuum everyday. I know quite a few people that do vacuum everyday. The bags in a vacuum cleaner are going to last you somewhere in the area of a month or 2 months so figuring a pack of bags which would be roughly 6 bags in a pack and could be anywhere from $10 to $20 for the pack, is going to last you approximately a year based on the average vacuuming of 1 hour a week. If you are going to be vacuuming everyday, then you are going to be going through maybe a bag every couple of weeks as opposed to a month or 2 months. Again, obviously having more pets, more kids, more pet hair, you are going to fill up a bag a lot quicker.