Log Splitting The Old Fashioned Way: Part 2

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Learn the tools needed to split logs the old fashioned way in this free how-to video. View Video Transcript

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I’m Charles McMahon on behalf of Expert Village. I’m going to show you a few tips on using a hammer and a wedge if you can’t afford to buy one of these machines. If we look at these things, we can see that the end of the wedge is peened over; its been deformed. You can see the same thing on the ends of the hammer. If you look really closely, you can see that there are some chips out of this in various places. This can be very dangerous. If you don’t hit this thing straight on, you can knock a chip off. If you knock a chip off the hammer, the chip can come back and hit you in the eye and there has been plenty of lawsuits and injuries of chips of steel hitting people in the eye when they are using something like this. So in addition to all the work that you go through, you run the risk of hurting yourself unless you are wearing safety glasses. You also run a risk of sending a chip into the eye of somebody around you, so whenever you are using something like this, you want to make sure that nobody is near you just as a safety precaution.