Potted Plant Gardens

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Planting flowers in pots is a great way to add decoration to your garden. Learn how to make a potted plant garden in this free video about simple garden decorations. View Video Transcript

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I'm Cooie Grey-Lavin, and in this clip, I'll show you how to use potted plants to make a unique garden scene. Another way to add interest to your yard is to plant in containers. There's lots of reason to use different potted plants in containers. One is you can move them around, so that when they're really pretty and in full-bloom, you can put them where you see them the most. And when they're dormant or they've been affected by frost or a heavy rain or something like that, you can move them so you don't have to see them as much. You can play with the color and put annuals in them, different combinations. Also, I have three dogs, and so, it keeps my dogs from running over the plants when they're in a pot like this - it keeps the plants safe. You can play with different colors and shapes, these are a Coral Bell with a red leaf. These leaves have little speckles, and they're the kind of gray with green. And when this grows up and spills over it will be very interesting. We use cactuses and some Primrose, and in this one just to add a little interest, I've put a mosaic ball, which is the same technique as the stepping stones, but you do it on a styrofoam ball. You grout it and seal it the same as we did that, but those can add interest to a pot, especially when you have one like this, that is young Succulents that haven't filled in yet. You can add balls to it just to add a little color in, and as the Succulents fill in you can take the balls out and put them in something else. This African Daisy will be beautiful now, but in the winter it will go dormant. So this will be really fun with the bright orange right now, and then when it goes dormant, I'll just move it out of this display and put something else in its place. The Lemon Tree has been in that pot for about 30 years, and as long as you fertilize them and water them well, potted plants do fine, no matter how long they're in them. I do like to add a lot of different textures and colors - the fine grass with the thicker leaves, with the round leaves, and the variegated leaves. And in the bottom of my Lemon Tree, I've put Succulents in a vine, and there's Lilies that will grow up, so they're always interesting also - not just the tree itself. You'll notice in this area I also have a stepping stone that I've made, and some big rock, local rock, that just add a little bit more interest, and keep the garden interesting year-round. Diversity in size, color, and texture in potted plants can make your yard unique, and easy to maintain.