Creating Clones for Organic Gardens

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This is Steve for Expert Village and today were going to be talking about taking clones or making cuttings of plants. Once you have a plant that you like, which is called your "Mother Plant" you can take some genetic material off of that plant and create a plant that's equal or the same as that original plant. When doing it organically you want to make sure you have a good organic cloning solution and a cloning gel. There are several ways of doing it, you can go either aeroponically with an aero cloner like one of these that we have or you can go ahead and make a Fermiculide Purlide Mix to make your cuttings with. You can use Coconut Core or you can go with a Super Grow Plug. The main thing which you want to do is take a cutting that has at least two sets of leaves. Once you've found the plant that you want, cut off all the bottom leaves, take it at a forty five degree angle, you'll dip it in your cloning gel, once you've dipped it in your cloning gel you'll go ahead and stick it in your rooter or your aero corner or whatever the case may be. If you stick it in your rooter you're going to want to use a Humidity Dome. Place it in there, water it with your cloning solution and within about seven days to two weeks you should have nice rooted clones. So from one plant you can ultimately create a whole nursery full of plants. And like I said when doing it organically you just want to make sure your using organic solutions whether it is the media or the cloning solution, or the cloning gel. There are all sorts of them on the market. You've got Root Juice, you've got the Because Root Stimulator, Olivia's is a very good one, and just make sure you use a Humidity Dome until the plants root. The reason for the Humidity Dome is that the plants do not have roots; they can't take in moisture, so you want to maintain a moist environment so that the leaves don't wilt on you until they make roots. Once they make roots you can go ahead and take the Humidity Dome off, take your plant and you can transplant them wherever you need whether in soil containers or in your garden.