Toilet Cleaning: Brushes

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When cleaning toilets, clean the stem of the toilet brush by placing it in water mixed with disinfectant. Clean toilet brushes with tips from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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Okay, so now you want to make sure that you've cleaned this stick off, because you want to put it back into your carrier. So you put it into your bowl of water that's got disinfectant in it, and get your cloth; because if you just, if you just wash it, if you just do this inside the water, it's not going to really get everything off. You want to wipe it down. You want to, you want to actually, you know, rub off any kind of germs that's on there in the disinfectant water. Just give it a good good rub, okay? And that is good to go. So, just shake it off a little bit, and then I'll just put that straight into the carrier. Couple drops of water will dry, couple drops of water will dry in a, within a few minutes. That's absolutely fine. So, you've got your stick ready to go the next time you want to clean a bathroom.