How to Grow English Daisy (Bellis Perennis)

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The English daisy, or bellis perennis, is a beautiful perennial plant that comes in whites, pinks and reds. Find out how to use the low growing English daisy in a garden with instructions from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening and... View Video Transcript

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Hi this Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to learn all about how to grow an English Daisy. Also known as Bellis Perennis. It's a beautiful, beautiful perennial that comes back from year to year from all parts of Europe. Bellis is found all over Europe even into northern Africa. And I like to think of it as being English which is part, England is actually part of the United Kingdom so in most maps you'll see it as United Kingdom. London is the capital. And you find them all over the country side. Just gorgeous little daisies that come in whites and pinks and reds and they're just a gorgeous little plant for your garden. So this is a little Pompenette Daisy, it's also known as English Daisy and it's a Bellis Perennis and they come in all different colors. This one is just a little pink color, it's November so it's starting to fade a bit. It's getting a little bit frosty out, it's been outside so it's not looking perfect but it still a gorgeous plant. They like sun or part shade and you can start it by seed in the spring or you can actually just start it by division as long as you have a root and a start they will grow. And they come in red, rose, white flowers and they are very low growing so they make a nice ground cover too. And you can put them in beds or borders and again they like well drain soiled good compost. So that's the best thing that you can give them. So Bellis Perennis is hardy to zone four they can handle little cold climates. And they will grow from year to year to year and they multiply quickly so they can almost become invasive. You got to almost be careful with them. But they are a gorgeous plant that makes a ground cover as well and they're just a gorgeous addition to your garden.