Bathroom Cleaning: Cabinet Interior

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Cleaning out the interior of a bathroom cabinet removes toothpaste residue and dust for a thorough Spring cleaning. Clean out interior bathroom cabinets with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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Okay, now I’ve just wiped off the second one, so they're nice and clean. What we want to do while they're drying off is we want to clean the inside of our cupboard. And again, you're going to find toothpaste marks and; definitely toothpaste is the biggest in our house, with the little ones trying to help themselves to their own toothbrushes and toothpaste these days. So we're going to get nice clean cloth, disinfectant from here. The water's still nice and warm. So, we're just going to wipe from top to bottom, and you want to get the very top ledge. If you can see that there's a yep, see black, a black line right there on my cloth. So you want to make sure; let's double that over so we don't wipe that back on. Let's wipe the the top ledge again. We want to go all the way down the sides, and the whole of the inside. And you want to go sideways on these little areas where there's, where the shelves slide in, cause' they all catch dust; all of those do, and just wipe that down really well. Now, the bottom one is where you're going to have the biggest buildup, so you definitely want to rinse out your cloth. Still nice and warm, and and let's go back. You don't have to rinse this too many times. There's not a lot of area to to clean, to be honest, but the bottom here is is where you're going to find all those toothpaste droppings. Okay, so the inside's clean.