Filtration System for Vacuum Cleaners

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The filtration system of a vacuum cleaner determines the performance, as paper disposable filter bags are usually not as effective as cloth disposable filter bags in an upright model. Find a high-quality filtration system to pick up the most dust and... View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Steve Chubin with Steve's Sewing and Vacuum Center in King of Prussia, PA and today we are here to discuss how to buy a vacuum cleaner. Okay talking about vacuum filtration. Vacuum filtration on an upright or a cannister is very important. On a bag unit which is again one that we do prefer, the bag will be something like this. This will be a vacuum bag that is a paper material that is a porous paper that air passes through here and air passes through this material and hopefully dirt and dust would stay inside the bag. However, this is a paper material that will allow some dust to escape through the bag as opposed to a vacuum that would have a cloth interior disposable bag such as this bag. This is a cloth interior disposable bag which would trap a lot more dirt and dust inside of the vacuum bag and will not allow any of the dirt and dust to escape the bag. This particular model here again is one of the lightweight vacuums and you can use the cloth interior bags or the paper interior bags. Obviously the cloth bags are a little more expensive but certainly worth it for piece of mind and for your breathing situation in a home especially if you have any sort of an allergy. This is certainly one that I would recommend for any vacuum buying a cloth bag and as I say to my customers, even if you don't have allergies, you certainly would have to dust a lot less in a home if you are going to keep most of the dirt and dust inside the vacuum.