Buying Home Furniture: Matching

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Whether or not two pieces of furniture match is a matter of personal taste. Learn how to match pieces when buying furniture for the home in this free video. View Video Transcript

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So some tips on matching furniture. There is no tips on really matching furniture. The reason why is because everybody has their own style. People ask all the time. How can you match this, how do you match these pieces? It's tough to say, we can not exactly match what you want. Everybody has their design. What they can do is help you look for things that you like. When you find something, they can help you look for the right items to put next to it. Which includes putting rugs, putting the cocktail tables, the end tables and matching the furniture to your best view. They carry lamps, accessories to make everything look good. But definitely there is no definitive answer of saying that they can help you match everything exactly the same. They can help, but again, you pick your style. Then they'll help you put everything around it. They'll revolve everything around it. They can put plants around the unit to make it look a lot brighter. To make good focus, they can actually put accessories, as you see this lamps right here, that will also bring it together. So whatever you're looking for, they'll help you look for it. Just be definitive on what you?re looking for and what you really like and any thing can be done. An eclectic look is very, very in right now.