How to Fill the Sink for Washing Dishes

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Learn how to fill the sink when you are washing dishes by hand with expert cleaning tips in this free dishwashing video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Grace Fitzpatrick here on behalf of Expert Village. You have caught me in the middle of filling up the sink with a little bit of water. I'm going to show you how when you have just about half inch of water in the bottom of your sink. It can be a lot easier to soak dishes and really save you some time in the end. So if you notice here basically I put a little bit of soap in the sink and I made sure that my drain is shut. The water is staying in there it is not going down the drain. This is actually a really good way to conserve water as I was talking about earlier. Here I have a nice soapy base that I can just put my dishes into. This is really convent because I can say that I take dish that has some burns in it, some food caked to it I can let it soak. I can put all my dishes in here and then I can go leave and watch my favorite tv show. Come back and all my dishes are ready to be just rinsed off and scrubbed and it is really easy. It is actually a good way to start your dish process off; it is not to labor intensive.