How to Safely Lift a Lawnmower

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Learn how to safely lift your lawnmower without damaging it for repair, service or maintenance in this free DIY video clip on how to clean lawnmowers. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Acton and on behalf of Expert we are going to talk about how to set up your lawnmower for repair essentially if you need to change your blades, change your oil or clean your deck. This is how you want to set up. Now the first thing you should all know is that never ever tip your lawnmower onto its side like this or never ever tilt it up like this for repair. If you have fluids such as gas and oil in your lawn mower that fluid is going to drain into your cylinder and you are going to vapor lock your lawnmower which means the cylinder is full of oil or full of gas and it’s not going to pull over any more. Worst yet you are going to mix gas with your oil, thin out the oil and not going to have enough lubrication for your engine to run. So the easiest way to do this is if you are at home is find something and tilt it back with. Either a fence or a porch, simply tilt your lawnmower back like this and wedge the handle like that so that it is nice and secure and do whatever necessary repairs that you need to do. What also works well is a bungee cord. Find something to bungee cord your lawnmower to. What helps even more than that is having a friend hold it for you while you are doing the repairs. Just make sure they do not drop it on your head. We actually have a lawnmower set up on a table bungee cord the correct way tilted back to show you how to do these things such as change your oil, drain your oil, clean your deck or change your blade.