How to Fertilize Citrus Trees

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How to Fertilize Citrus Trees - Provided by eHow
Citrus trees like commercial fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, but also need micro-nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and sometimes iron. Keep a citrus tree well fertilized to bear delicious fruit with tips from a gardening specialist in... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Jessica Smith with Brown's Nursery in West Shorting, Utah, and today we're talking all about trees and shrubs. Right now we're going to discuss how you fertilize a citrus tree. Well, citrus tree likes a good fertilizer that, you're, you're most common in your commercial fertilizers are, are your nitrogen, your phosphate, and your pottasum, or pot ash is what it usually says on the label. These are your standard fertilizers for everything, but a citrus tree as likes it's micro-nutrients, which are like your magnesium, your zinc, your borohon, your coppers, and sometimes your iron. Get yourself a good citrus fertilizer that's actually formulated with maybe a little bit higher phosphate level in it. OK, your nitrogen, and your phosphate, and your potassium levels are always listed, that's those three numbers. Nitrogen is what's going to give it the fast green growth, your phosphate level is what builds your root system and produces your flowers, which in turns builds, produces your fruit, and then your phos, or your pot ash level, or potassium level. This right here also aids in root development, but also kind of is like a antibiodic for the plant itself. It helps repair damage, or helps fight off any disease or insect damage.