How to Assemble Square Foot Gardens

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series, we are talking about square foot gardening, the whole program developed by Mel Bartholomew on how you can garden using a raised bed, but separating it into one foot sections, so that you can keep your plants contained. In this segment, we are going to talk about how to put together the wood beds for your garden. So, I have four 2x4x4 pieces of wood that I'm using and I've connected them by using 5/16 x 3 inch lag bolts and I've decide to use 5/16 washers so that it won't go into the wood and it will stay connected for years to come. So, the wood that we are using is 8 inches tall (our beds are going to be six inches tall) and they are two inches apart. But, they changed the standards. You order two inches, but they are actually one and a half. So when we figure out where to drill the holes, we have to take that into effect. Then, they are four feet long; so they are actually 2x8x4s. So instead of just trying to drill or screw these into the wood, an easy way to make the holes ahead of time is to use a 5/16 wood boaring bit. It's really easy that way. When I'm going down on my wood, I go about...when I drill my holes, I go about one and a half inches from the top and one and a half inches from the bottom. Because the wood is only one and a half inches wide, I'm only going in .75 inches on my wood to drill my holes. That way, when it drills into the other piece of wood, it will be right in the middle. When using my wood boaring drill, I just drill and keep going back and forth. The key is to bring it back out and get some of the wood out so it can drill deeper. I did it on the top and the bottom. Once I have that done, it's really quite simple. So I take my 5/16 x 3 inch washer and I put it through the hole. Then I'm going to take my mallet or hammer...and it's a lot easier to when you bring it down. Watch our next segment on assembling a square foot garden, part two.