Repairing Upholstery

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Upholstery repairs can include torn backs on couches, chairs, dining room seats and boat seats. Find out how upholstered furniture can be repaired with help from an experienced upholsterer in this free video on furniture. View Video Transcript

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Here at A&W we see a wide variety of upholstery repairs that need to come in. Anywhere from torn backs from couches, chairs, dining room seats to what we have here today. A boat seat. Side rails that a customer who was trying to install, he had tore the top of it. So we're going to take it apart, pull it around and fix it for him. We get a staple puller, pop a few staples out. Take our dikes, get them more out of the way for us. Pop it up, make sure it's all good. Take and pull it just a little tighter. Vinyl stretches a little easier most times than most fabrics will. So what we're going to do just take and fold it, pull it a little tight, put a hold behind the back of it. Set us a few staples and there we go.