How to Design an Upholstered Furniture Frame

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When designing an upholstered furniture frame, determine the deck height, arm height and length, use a poplar or oak wood for the frame, and make sure the joints are doweled. Create a sturdy frame for a piece of upholstered furniture with help from an... View Video Transcript

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One of the first steps is just to see what it is you are wanting to build. This happens to be a love seat that we are working on today, and we have here today a love seat frame we want to get our dimensions of the depth, our deck height, which would be our seat height, our arm height all those are important answers, questions all those are important questions that we need to have answers to get us a good frame for the proper application. Good frames are built out of some solid hardwood. There are some plywoods involved, but this frame here is a strictly Poplar build frame with Maple legs. That's Maple legs with all Poplar hardwood workings. We also want to make sure that you have your arms dowd, and your joints dowd. And usually it is best to put a screw or two in them, but mostly Poplar and Oak are good places to start on a frame. Fabric is one of the most important things that you need to consider when reupholstering a piece of furniture. The wear and tear that you are going to put on it, if you want to have children bouncing around on it, if it is going to be a piece that you just look at. It just depends on the application that the piece is going to be for. Most fabrics are very durable, but there's some of them that are light weight that don't need to be in most situations.