Repairing Tears in Upholstery

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Repairing tears in upholstery is easiest when the tear is along a seam, which makes it easier to take out the inner foam, turn it inside-out, hem the tear and replace the foam. Fix a tear in upholstery fabric with help from an experienced upholsterer in... View Video Transcript

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Today we are going to talk about repairing tears in upholstery seams. You can't really repair a tear per se through the center of upholstery without loop stitching together. However, if a seam had been ripped such as this one has, it's a very simple quick fix. We unzip our cushions, providing of course the zipper, providing of course the cushion has a zipper. Remove our inner foam, take and reverse the fabric. We take and fold it up so we can see our seam where it's torn. Lay it down flat double check the other side to make sure that we are going to catch it with our sewing machine. Trim our excess thread. We take it, lay it down flat on our machine once again. Well also it's important to make sure that your thread is going to the back of your machine before you start to sew. Take your hand you spin your wheel in order to get your pressure foot down to hold the fabric in place. Pull it tight, checking your seam, checking your thread making sure your thread is going to the back just ease it through. After we've sewed it back together we just take and lay it down, double check and make sure the locking stitches are on both sides. Shake and flip it, turn your cushion of course, poking your corners out. And you can see there we got it put back just like new.