Using Scents for Vacuum Cleaners

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Scents can be used inside a vacuum cleaner to help control odor and to keep the carpet smelling fresh and clean. Find scented inserts that can be placed inside a filter bag or inside a bagless compartment with helpful tips from a vacuum salesman in this... View Video Transcript

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Steve Chubin

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Hi! I'm Steve Chubin at Steve's Sewing and Vacuum Center in King of Prussia, PA and today we are here to discuss how to buy a vacuum cleaner. Here we have things that we would put inside your vacuum bag to keep your vacuum smelling good. As we talked about earlier, when you have pets and things of that, it can produce odors out of your vacuums since it is an air moving item that moves air in and out of the vacuum. These particular products here you can put inside the bag or inside the compartment of a bagless vacuum or these are sprays that you can spray the bag or the filter of a bag. This will keep your vacuum smelling nice and keep your home smelling nice as you vacuum.