Upholstery Tools

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A few important upholstery tools are button machines, staple pullers, tack hammers, scissors and a staple gun. Discover the necessary tools of the trade with help from an experienced upholsterer in this free video on furniture. View Video Transcript

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This is a handy button machine that we use to make our buttons for tufted pieces and also just pieces that just have straight buttons in them. This is a staple puller. This is one of the most important things. That is to help you get the staples out around the bottom. Of course we have the dikes here for the staples that you have got pulled up you just take and grab them and they pull right out. We have got a tack hammer with a neoprene head that keeps from damaging the nail heads as we set the nail head trim in, scissors you know of course keep them good and sharp is the main thing. That helps you glide through the fabric when you are cutting it out. That saves you time gliding. We have got a staple gun that uses your average number 7. It uses your average number 7 staple, you know, 3/8 long to shoot the fabric back on with. An air blower is also handy too. It is not used every day of course. Well I guess some people do use it every day but you take and blow your piece off at the end and if you have got some chalk left on it you can take and just blow your chalk right off. Chalk is the best thing to write on fabric with. You don't want to use a pen or nothing like that you want to stay with chalk.