Repairing an Upholstered Chair

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To repair an upholstered chair, remove the staples that are still in place, replace the tack strip, and use a staple gun to tack everything in place. Make simple repairs to an upholstered chair with help from an experienced upholsterer in this free video... View Video Transcript

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Now we have a skirt that has been torn off the bottom of this club chair. And what we're going to do is remove the staples that are still in place. Take our side cutters, remove those staples, replace this flap with a new piece of tack strip. Take and get our staples out of our flap. This is the flap piece, the bottom of the skirt. We'll get those staples out as well as the ones down the side. We'll flip our skirt back and take our tack strip, cut it off flush. It's good to flap. Take our staple gun and shoot us a few staples right up on the edge. And we can take our cardboard and just tear it straight off. Now the flap goes underneath of the skirt. That hides our tack strip. Hold it up, hold it back, put us a few staples. And there we go. A happy customer.