How to Dry Dishes

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Hi, this is Grace Fitzpatrick here on behalf of Expert Village. I'm going to talk to you about drying your dishes. So you had big pile of dishes in the sink and you just finished doing all of them. Now they are sitting in your dish drainer. Well one thing that is good if you want to expedite your dish doing, is you dry your dishes as you go and one reason this is good is because your dish drainer would tend to fill up pretty fast especially if you have a big load. It is great if you have someone there drying the dishes as you are going cause that really saves you some time and saves you some room and space. So you can just keep doing those dishes. Drying is/it is sort of a art to dry. You want to get enough paper towels that you are going to or dish cloth if you want to conserve paper. But I happen to be using paper towels whatever you want is just a paper towel that is sort of double folded so I know I have enough dry space. That I'm really getting it nice and dry. Sometimes we would just wipe it over and you will not get it completely dry and then you are just putting this wet dish up there and that can collect dust and rust and who knows what else. It is good if you get it nice and dry and then you can be putting the dishes away while you are doing it and that actually saves you a whole other chore later cause you don't have to put your dishes away.