How to Split the Log Using a Wood Splitter

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Learn how to split logs with a wood splitter so they burn better and longer in this free how-to video. View Video Transcript

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I’m Charles McMahon on behalf of expert Village. We are going to continue to split the one-half of this log and cut it down to pieces so they are good to burn in the fireplace. Now when you are burning wood in your fireplace, you want to have a lot of surface for each piece of wood because surface is where the fire catches, so you don’t won’t to put in great huge logs because they won’t burn very well; we need to make a lot of surface. Now you see I’m straddling this thing back; I’m trying to stay away from this whole mechanism and I am holding this log by its side and I am going to split it first right down the middle. So I am going to start coming up at the high speed and then go to the low speed and see how easily this splits the log. You don’t have to go all the way through because once you get this; you can tap it apart pretty well. Now we have a piece here that you could stop here but if you want the thing to burn better, you can split it again. So these pieces are in pretty good shape and we will do the other one. So those pieces are ready to stack and you can see they are small enough, plenty of surface here, so they should burn pretty well in your fireplace.