Electric Brooms Compared to Vacuum Cleaners

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An electric broom is better suited than a vacuum cleaner for cleaning a home with all hardwood or hard surfaces, such as concrete or tile. Find an electric broom to easily clean dirt and debris from the floor with helpful tips from a vacuum salesman in... View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Steve Chubin at Steve's Sewing and Vacuum Center in King of Prussia, PA and today we are here to discuss how to buy a vacuum cleaner. Here we have a electric broom. An electric broom is generally for people who do not want a canister vacuum but have a lot of hard surfaces or all hard surfaces in their home. This electric broom allows you basically to do kitchens, bathroom, hard surfaces throughout the house very easily. It is very similar to an upright vacuum where the whole apparatus would be in front of you but again this would be primarily for hard surface cleaning. A lot of people prefer these. If they like an upright or if they have just hard surfaces in a kitchen, they may get an electric broom something like this and hang it in a kitchen closet and use it for quick pick up for after meals.