Bathroom Cleaning: Cupboards

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To clean bathroom cupboards, dust off the surface with a rag and condition with an oil-based wood cleaner. Clean bathroom cupboards with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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Now working top to bottom it is time to do the cupboards. So we want to first of all, we want to dust the cupboards. Now you are going to need to do two parts here. We dust and then we shine and protect with an oil based product. But first of all you can't take care of the wood with a nice oil based product for the shine on top of dust. You have got to get rid of the dust first so what you need to do is pull out one of your little drawers. This is where your dust collects. It is not going to collect here. It is going to collect here so pull out all the tops and wipe them down. All your doors are open. I can see the dust from here as I am wiping it off. These ones don't open because they are under the sink but I'm still going to wipe off the top of them to make sure that you get every single area. Now also at the bottom where you see these lines, I can see the dust again. That is just from a week of buildup so get into the cracks. There is a couple of ledges right there and I can see the white collection of dust especially is in the corners so there is no point in using your Pledge or whatever you use if you haven't dusted already.