How to Remove Shelves to Perform Refrigerator Cleaning

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Learn how to remove shelves to perform basic maintenance and clean your refrigerator in this free instructional video on maintaining and cleaning your refrigerator. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I am Drew Finn, we are going to talk about how to clean and maintain your refrigerator for Now that we have it empty, you can get the shelves out. Most refrigerator shelves will remove, so you can just lift them up, pull them out, this particular fridge, most of them will come out this way. I like taking them out, because it allows you to clean the grit and grime out of them, rather than trying to reach in the refrigerator, plus we can clean the sides of the refrigerator better. One thing I will be very careful, some may have glass in them that it is not secured that well, so you be careful that you do not drop the glass, it will break on you. Another thing you might want to do is mark where the shelves are before, you remove them so that once you put them back, you do not have to keep guessing the height that there are, if you do have adjustable shelves, which a lot new refrigerators do have.