Bathroom Cleaning: Window Details

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Cleaning bathroom windows takes attention to detail to remove every bit of dirt and dust. Clean the entire bathroom window with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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There are two last things that you want to do to give your window a thorough cleaning and one of them. Again I'll just rinse this out in the Pine Sol water. The water is still getting a little dirty now but I am almost done so I'm not going to bother with having a hole sink full of water but you just want to run along the very top. Again that is where you are going to get a lot of dust building up right there and then also, I'll just turn the cloth back to front. You want to catch these little toggles that you are touching every single day, every time you open your blinds, every morning and every evening so you are going to have some germs on there. So disinfectant is already on my cloth, wipe it clean and then last of all I'm just going to do the very last thing. You are going to open the window and it is just this lip that is on the inside of your window. It is between the glass of the outside panel and the inside panel. Just this little lip right here, you are going to get the dust that comes through from the outside and goes through your screen and just sits right there at the bottom of the screen so just wipe that out. You're just going to wipe that out with a damp cloth and then you're done. Your window is absolutely done. So everything here, probably about 15 minutes to do all of your windows and your blinds but it is a job well worth doing because you are not going to do that every week.