How to Remove Oven Parts for Cleaning

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Learn that taking apart and removing parts from an oven can make it easier for cleaning in this free how-to video on how to better clean your oven. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Jennifer Cail. On behalf of Expert Village, I'm going to show you how to clean and maintain your oven. Our first step before we start cleaning our stove is to remove all of the removable parts. This will make it much easier to get at the parts that are dirtiest. So we're going to take off the grates. These we're just going to clean in the sink. If they fit, your stove might have a certain order in which they need to be removed. So you might want to pay attention to that because remember these are heavy, they're heavy. If you have an electric stove then you might be able to remove the ring around your burner. This being a gas stove, I can not. I can however remove the tops to all of the gas pieces. You want to be very careful when cleaning a gas stove that you don't accidentally turn the gas on while you're cleaning. Then last but not least my stove doesn't do this but yours might, some of them you can remove the knobs. This can be very handy if they are particularly greasy and dirty because it lets you get around them underneath them and of course on top. This is where your owners manual comes in handy for being able to figure out what you can take out and how you can clean it.