Public Restroom Tips

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When using a public restroom, refrain from touching handles and toilet seats with bare hands to avoid attracting germs. Find out more tips about using public bathrooms from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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Okay, now the very last point I wanted to make was to tell you when you go and use a public restroom. When you need the bathroom, you go into a public restroom. For me personally, I don't like to touch areas that I know there's going to be bacteria build up. Because you don't know if other people have got the same sense of hygiene as you. So when I, when I go into the bathroom, I actually won't open the door with my hand. I'll just push it open with the back of my elbow, so I don't have to touch areas on doors where people are opening and closing. And you don't know if they have washed their hands. Also, when I go into the actual cubical, I always get a piece of tissue, and I will actually. Say this is the toilet, I find it like this. I will lift the seat if there's a lid on it. I also will not sit on the seat. I'll just, I'll squat so I don't have to touch the seat. And also when I'm done with the bathroom, I'll get another piece of tissue and I will flush the chain with my tissue. I won't actually touch the handle because we know that that's not going to be washed. That that's not going to be clean. Because as soon as you use the bathroom of course you flush the toilet. As I'm coming out of the cubical, again I will have another tissue and I'll open the handle with a tissue. Because we know that a lot of people, unfortunately, don't have the same hygiene as we do. And I don't want to pick up those bacteria and those germs that are sitting on there. So, just some little tips on how to keep yourself from having to run into dirty areas in public restrooms.