Toilet Cleaning: Inside Lid

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When cleaning toilets, rinse and sterilize a terry cloth to wipe away grime and dirt from the inside lid. Clean the inside toilet lid with tips from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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OK, so again, let's say you've, we've done the lids, two or three times. Making sure that we disinfect. Every time, we clean, we want to, every time we're rinsing off the cloth, we are, we are going back to having a sterile piece of material to work with. So, we've done the lid. Now, inside here, you're going to have a build up around these little knobs, that sit on your toilet, so these little areas here, around here, you're going to have a lot of bacteria in those areas. You'll see that it's yellow around here, if you're not cleaning that often, and a little bit of dark areas. Also, in these hinges areas, you're also going to get build up, you're going to see little dark areas in yellow. So these are the areas that are problem areas that you want to remember, but we will clean those in just a minute, with a toothbrush. But, first of all, we just want to get the inside of the lid. And, you're going to do this, two or three times again. Just the inside of the lid, on it's own. Don't mark up the hinges, just yet. So, clean the inside, two or three times, OK?