Handling the Logs Safely When Using a Wood Splitter

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Learn how to take care with the logs you are splitting and what to watch for in this free how-to video. View Video Transcript

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You can see from this collection of logs we have here. These are just tree trunks that have just been cut up from certain lengths. Now when you do this, you would like to have the lengths here. The right length for your wood burning stove or your fireplace or whatever so cutting them to the right length is an important thing. If you look over here, you can see we have a couple of logs that are actually too long, so we may have to take a chain saw and cut these in half before we use them on a splitter. The other thing is we like to have the logs cut so that the cutting face is perpendicular to the long axis. You can see they will fit into the machine much better that way. We don’t want to have slanted cuts. You can see this one has a pretty bad cut and so we are going to have to be careful where we cut that one. Finally, we want to be sure that these logs don’t have nails driven into them some place, so we want to inspect them before we cut them to be sure that we are not going to run into some kind of piece of metal embedded in the log. If you had some nails or big nail or spike, something like that embedded in the log, you could hit it with this wedge and that would damage the wedge. So you want to make sure you don’t have any metal inside the log.