Bathroom Cleaning: Rags

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When cleaning a bathroom, rags that are color coded prevent cross contamination. Gather rags to clean a bathroom with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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Now also what I always keep in here are my terry cloths and these can be bought very very cheaply. You know $5 or $10 for a big stack of 10 of these and I color coordinate so that I know my blue ones are for my bathrooms for the counter tops and the sinks and the mirrors and everything. My green ones are for my toilets. My white ones actually I use for my kitchen. So I color coordinate so that I know that I am not cross contaminating anywhere. When I do my loads of laundry I wash them on their own. Don't ever wash household clothes with laundry. I just don't personally. I wouldn't want to do that so I just put them in just a small load on their own. I always use a bit of bleach and the bleach is another form of disinfectant. It helps clean so once you have washed them, if you have used a bleach I would always run through a white load of laundry afterwards just to make sure you are not having any of that bleach go in to your colored clothes.