Toilet Cleaning: Carriers

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When cleaning toilets, prepare by using carriers to organize cleaning products and material. Learn more about carriers from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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Okay, so now let's just kind of wind things up here. Let's put everything back in your carrier. You want to make sure that everything stays in here that you need. The only thing that's not going to be in here is your cloths that, of course, go into the wash. So, let's get the cloths out of the sink. One must rinse, squeeze out as tight as you can, cause you're going to take this down and put it in the washing machine. Now this goes in your second plastic bag. Okay? Because you don't want to throw this away with the paper towels and the sponge head from the toilet cleaner. So you got your two bags, that goes into the laundry room. And then just make sure when you've done your laundry that you put those flannels back into here, just, it just makes it so much easier so that when you think, "oh, let's quickly clean the bathroom," you got everything ready to go. So just make sure that it, they go back into the carrier and not into some drawer, somewhere you can't find them.