Sending Flowers in the United Kingdom

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Sending flowers to the United Kingdom is possible by contacting a local florist in the area, ordering through or visiting for flower deliveries all over Europe. Order flowers for someone special in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment we're going to about how to send flowers to the United Kingdom. So the United Kingdom actually includes England, Scotland, and Wales and then Northern Ireland, just the very top part of Northern Ireland. So Southern Ireland is not included in the United Kingdom. So when you're sending flowers to the United Kingdom make sure that you have the correct address. So when you're sending flowers to the United Kingdom make sure that you have an address, the name, phone numbers, street address and the country because there is a big difference between Ireland and England and they're two different countries although they're all they're all part of the Untied Kingdom. The most economical way to ship or to send flowers is to go directly to a florist in the neighborhood where you're sending the flowers. So just go on line and search Belmorrow, Scotland or London, England and find out what flower shops come up and a lot of times you can order right on line. Now companies like FTD ship directly all over the world to many countries. So you can order right on line with a company like FTD and you can ship right to parts of the United Kingdom., too f l e u r o p dot com ships all over Europe and so you can ship directly with them to different places in the United Kingdom. A company called or also specializes in shipping all over the United Kingdom and other countries. And you can order right from them directly. So there's many options when you're shipping to the United Kingdom. Just make sure you have the right address, and go with a local florist if possible. And do your research and you'll find that whether you check with FTD or a company right directly in the United Kingdom, by doing some research you can find the best rates for the best flowers. And that way your friends and family in the United Kingdom can enjoy their beautiful bouquets.