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To send flowers to Iran, find companies that operate out of Teheran, such as Datschin and Palizgol, or order online from Find local companies that will deliver flowers to different cities in Iran with plant information from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to send flowers to Iran. Iran is located in the Middle East. It's right in the middle of the Middle East, right next to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. The Gulf War was in Iran a few years back, and so it's not really a politically stable country at the moment, although there are no wars going on right now. But to ship flowers to Iran, there's companies that you can use in Teheran that are very successful. So there's a lot of different companies that you can purchase flowers from and have delivered to Iran, and most of them are based from Teheran. This company right here, Datschin, it services all major cities in Iran in 24 hours, so they're all serviced from Tehran, so I've noticed that FTD will not ship directly to companies in Iran, but there are some other options. And a lot of customers have been very happy with these companies that do ship to Iran. Palizgol, or Paliz, Flowers and Gifts, another flower shop in Teheran, also delivers all over Iran. So you can go directly to their website and, and you can order flowers from anywhere in the world to be delivered to Teheran. And there's another company, too, online,, P-A-R-S-K-A-D-O dot com, that ships to Iran, so you can order online through United States or Canada, and then they will ship directly to anyone in Iran. And not just flowers, they do perfume and books and all types of different types of presents you can have shipped. There are still major cities in almost every country in the world that have florist shops that will deliver, even if the mainstream florist companies, like FTD, do not service that country. So you have lots of options and do your research, because you'll find that different companies will charge different amounts, and by just checking out the different prices you can get the best rates. And that way, your friends and family in Iran will get beautiful flowers delivered from you.