Sending Flowers to England

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To send flowers to England, contact a local florist in the recipient's town, or order online through, or Telaflorist. Send flowers to a special someone in Great Britain with plant information from a sustainable gardener in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about "How to send flowers to England"? And it's a beautiful country, part of Europe. England is located just south of Scotland and Wales and then just the top of Ireland is part of United Kingdom. So when you're sending flowers to London or England, make sure that you get the right address. So your best option is to with a local florist and since everyone speaks English and has English websites, that's usually not a problem. So you can call them directly or order right online but just do a search of the nearest city to where you want to send the flowers and then different florists should come up. A lot of flower shops even in London will travel outside of their area to deliver; so do your research. You can also go to any of the larger websites that work internationally and order that way as well. So FTD is the largest company and they ship everywhere in the world almost. And so you can order right online; there's set pictures, there's set amounts and order with your Visa card; it's very easy to do. And there's different websites that specialize in European flowers; for example, since flowers everywhere around the world, but seems to really specialize in European deliveries and so they are great company to use. Telaflorist is also a company that ships all over the United Kingdom and so you can order directly with them as well. But the most important thing that you can do is do your research and find out where you can ship the flowers from and local florists generally are less money than going through a large company that specializes in around the world deliveries. But whatever you do, you can be certain that your friend or family member in England will enjoy the flowers that you sent to them.