How To Turn On A Wood Splitter

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I’m Charles McMahon on behalf of Expert Village. We are now going to turn the machine on and I will show you how to warm it up. So it’s all plugged in and I’m going to turn it on and you are going to hear a loud noise. Then I am going to move this lever; I’ll show you how this ram moves back and forth. The ram has 2 speeds; there is a fast speed that you can use to come up to the bottom of the log and that’s only about this position and then when you go all the way up, you get the full pressure. If you use the high speed, you don’t get the full pressure. So to split the log you’ve to move this all the way forward. Now I am going to turn it on and then I am going to run this thing back and forth 4 times just to get the oil heated up. So, here we go. You can see now here’s the high speed and when I release it, it comes back. I’m going to do this 3 more times. Okay, 2 more just to warm up the oil. Okay, 1 more time. You notice that I am sitting back here behind the machine staying out of horns way.