Best Ways to Grow Cut Flowers

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The best ways to grow cut flowers is to grow a nice combination and variety of florals. Grow cut flowers with tips from a gardener and nursery owner in this free video on flowers. View Video Transcript

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This is Jessica Smith. I'm with Bland's Nursery in West Jordan, Utah and today we are talking about how you grow your own cut flowers. Cut flowers can be perennial, annual, bi-annual. They can even be some flowering shrubs for you. What you want to do is make sure you get a nice combination of all different types of flowers that you can cut. The best time to cut flowers is in the early morning or in the late evening hours. At this time they are actually holding more water and nutrients. In the middle of the day they are a little more stressed. Now the cut flowers are going to wilt irregardless. You are taking them away from the mother plant. You want to get a nice long stem for your ones, get a long stem actually to begin with. You can always cut it down because you are actually going to take a little bit more off. You want to cut right in front of the leaf so that the plant will actually produce more flowers again for you and you cut at a slant. A slanted cut will actually help the water take more, or the plant will actually take more water up. Don't use scissors or anything like that or kitchen shears that can actually smash the stock itself. Either use pruners or a sharp knife. You want to pull off the bottom leaves. You don't want these in the water. Then you'll immerse it into some cold water. Before you go to arrange it you want to make a new cut in the water and then put it into the water of your vase or whatever it is you are using on your arrangement. To preserve your flowers a little longer make sure you water daily and use a warm water. They'll actually uptake the water better than they will a cold water. You can use a commercial preservative that you can buy from your local floral shop or you can try some natural remedies, a copper penny with an aspirin, or lemon juice or vinegar. A copper penny will help take away some of the fungal problems in yeast and the aspirin, lemon juice, and vinegar will actually mix with the water and will take away the bacteria. You will have all these in the water. It's just what happens with a cut flower. They naturally produce these things. But like I say continually water with some new water. You probably want to change it every now and again and you can actually get your flowers to last longer for you.