Bathroom Cleaning: Glass Cleaner

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Glass cleaner for bathroom cleaning is helpful to clean the mirrors and windows. Choose a glass cleaner with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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Okay, now you obviously also, you need to have some kind of glass cleaner for your mirrors. Get one that you feel works well. There's always some that don't work as well as others. This is just one that I prefer, but work, you know, choose what works for you, and and I always stick with what I know works. You're going to need some paper towels, some kitchen towels, so just have one of those always in here. I always have in here an an extra moisturizing product that will help my cabinets right here. I want to keep them nourished, and and I want them shiny, and I want to protect them with some kind of, some kind of oil based product, so again, it's an anti-dust. You don't want to have something on there that's going to collect dust. You want something that's going to be an anti-dust, so this is an anti-dust. Makes your job easier when you're going to clean. Now, if you have wood floors for example, you you'd use like a a an oil soap for your floors. I don't have wood floors, but if you do, that's what you would need.