Sending Flowers to Honduras

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Sending flowers to Honduras can be done by finding a local florist shop's Web site, or by ordering from a world-wide flower delivery service, such as Contact local flower shops in Honduras with plant information from a sustainable gardener in... View Video Transcript

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Hi this Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to send flowers to Honduras. Now Honduras is a country in Central America, which is actually part of North America. And it's between Guatemala and Nicaragua. And so it's pretty safe country all and all. So there's lots of options on how to send flowers to someone there. Now it depends on where you're sending the flowers to in Honduras and if you can speak Spanish or not. There are different florist shops that have web sites. So you can search for different flower shops in Honduras that might have web sites and order right on line or get a phone number and possibly call them directly. And many times that's cheaper than going through a larger company. But you can also order flowers to Honduras right on So just by going to and just punching Honduras, you'll find that you can have flowers directly delivered right to someone right in Honduras. And here's a web site right in Honduras it's called - s e r e n a t a f l o w e r And they will deliver flowers right to anyone right in Honduras. And this is actually in pounds and there's other options as well. And you can always order flowers in pounds and they'll directly change it dollars if you're ordering from America or for different countries. And then that way, when you get your bill, it will be accurate. And there's another web page, Ramond gifts - r a m o n d g i f t and they specialize in sending fresh flowers to all parts of Honduras. So they work directly with local florists and that way you can have really fresh flowers delivered to your friends and family. So there's lots of options when you want to send flowers to Honduras. You can go on line and go right to florist directly near the area where you want to send it or you can go through or any other larger company that works with florists or you could work with small companies like Ramond Gifts and they can send flowers directly to who you want to send them to in Honduras. And that way, you can have beautiful flowers sent from you.