Planting Crocosmia George Davidson Bulbs

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Watch as a flower expert and professional gardener demonstrates how to plant and care for fall-blooming Crocosmia George Davidson bulbs in this free online video about home gardening. View Video Transcript

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YOLANDA VANVEEN: Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series, we're learning all about fall-blooming flower bulbs. In this segment, we're talking about Crocosmia Norwich Canary, also known as George Davidson. So George Davidson is the smallest of all the Crocosmias that we sell. The yellow ones seem to only be about a foot tall. The orange Crocosmia is about 2 feet tall, and then the red Lucifer gets 3 feet taller, even bigger. So I love my little yellow ones because they stay a little bit shorter. They multiply really well but they just don't take over like the other ones do sometimes. And I love their history. Apparently, the original Crocosmias are Montbretias, they're the same plant, came from South Africa and then different nobility in England, they like to hybridize. They like to mess with all the bulbs that they have found on their adventures. And at the Norwich Castle, there was a man called George Davidson and he hybridized this particular Crocosmia. So it has long history all over the world. This is a beautiful Crocosmia and it's not even found in South Africa. That's the thing that I'm most surprised about. When you go to South Africa, there is only native orange Crocosmias. They don't have all the colors that we have in America or in England. They don't even know about them. So one of the bulbs that you'll really need in your garden is a George Davidson Crocosmia. It is just cuter than a button. Now, watch our next segment as we talk about Colocasia or Elephant Ears, which are a flower bulb but they don't produce a flower.