Toilet Cleaning: Dry Products

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When cleaning toilets, use dry products like terry cloth flannels to disinfect the toilet. Learn more about dry products from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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Ok, now let's talk about the dry products, that you need to have in the carrier. First of all, we definitely want to have some plastic bags. I'll show you why later, but basically, when you've cleaned, and you've used for example, your paper towels, for the dirtiest parts of the toilet. You don't want to put them down the toilet, because that will clog your toilet. You also don't want to put them in your trash can, because of course, they'll be sitting in there for a week or so, until you empty your trashcan, and if you're like me, and you have little babies crawling around,and you don't want to have your trashcan, full of dirty paper towels, that you've cleaned the toilet with, so you want to have a plastic bag hanging on your door, ready to put your dirty towels in. Also, for the dry products, you're going to need a couple of terry cloth flannels, to help disinfect your toilets, the tops and the bottom. Not inside your toilet, that's for your paper towels. You also will need, this is the ideal thing to clean the inside of your toilet, because it's disposable, and it will get everything off on the inside of your toilet bowl. Again, this is put in to the plastic bag, so that you can dispose of this later. This is reusable, the stick, so always, never throw this away. You only need to buy the refills, that go on the end of your scrubbing stick, and then two more things for the dry products. You need a toothbrush, which does not go back in the bathroom cabinet. You keep that in here, away from anyone, possibly being able to use that, and then also, I have a little sponge to help clean around the walls, if there are splashes, or grease marks around the walls, to leave your toilet airy and nice, not just the toilet, ok?