How to Set the Picket Fence Posts

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Using concrete can be an easy way to make sure picket fence posts are set. Learn how to secure fence posts using concrete from a professional contractor in this free home improvement video. View Video Transcript

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Now that we have our four by four posts in our prepared hole with our concrete and our water I will continue to pour our Ready Mix concrete into our hole mixing it with water. While I am doing this I will continually check my plumb line and my level here to make sure things are plumb and square. Now that we have brought in up out concrete mix and our post is plumb and its level. Were going to continue to put concrete and our water mix level with the existing grade of the soil. You can even bring up your concrete mix. Oh an half an inch to inch taller that the existing grade. What you trying to do with this is your trying to prevent water collecting at the base of your post. Creating a rot or deterioration. Now we?re ready for our framing.