How to Clean an Oven Surface

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How to Clean an Oven Surface - Provided by eHow
Learn from our expert that the surface of the oven requires its own cleaning techniques in this free how-to video on how to better clean your oven. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Jennifer Cail. On behalf of Expert Village I'm going to show you how to clean and maintain your oven. Our first step in cleaning it's just going to be using some really hot water and a sponge to get all of the gunk that we can without using any products. Beginning on the right side to begin with, let's get some of our nice hot water and just start gently wiping around the stove. If you are good about keeping your stove clean, then it shouldn't be too bad too much trouble and you should be able to get a lot of stuff out just with some hot water and a little bit of elbow grease. Of course once you start letting things get baked on, then you're going to have more of a problem and if you got grease then no amount of hot water is going to solve that. So we're going to add a little bit of our cleaner to our sponge. You don't want to spray it directly onto the cook surface because you can accidentally get some where the gas comes out and you don't want to worry about that. So the all purpose cleaner you can see it's bubbling up a little bit and we're starting to get some of that grease off. So before you go any further, you want to try and get as much stuff as possible before we go onto the next step which is getting up some of our more stubborn stains.