Toilet Cleaning: Cloths

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When cleaning toilets, color code terry cloths to designate certain towels for different cleaning tasks. Color code terry cloths with tips from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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O.k., now when you're cleaning I use the, the Terri cloths which; that, that, they're great when you wash them over and over they become softer, when you're doing any kind of cleaning especially with mirrors actually it doesn't leave a lint. So the more you wash them the more absorbent they are. Now what you really want to do when you're cleaning a bathroom especially with a toilet you want to know which cloths go with which items in the bathroom. So for my toilets I use green because then I know this isn't going to be used in the kitchen for example, it's not going to be used on my counter tops where I brush my teeth for example. So I always have color coded, for example if for a white one I would, I would always bleach my white cloths. In fact there's no harm in bleaching your colored cloths either with like a color safe bleach and is another form of disinfecting your cloths. And, but one thing I would say is once you have bleached your cloths after you wash them on a separate wash don't wash them with your clothes, wash your, your cleaning cloths on there own but after you wash them if you use bleach make sure you do a white load of laundry after that because you don't want any of that bleach getting into any of your clothes. So just make sure you follow any kind of bleach wash with a white wash.